Looking to the Future: The European association euRobotics

Robotics is more than a technology. It influences our lives and work and is in the focus of industry,…

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International Space Station Orbiting Earth. 3D Illustration

Space travel, robotics and earthly reality

On April 12, 1961, Juri Gagarin was the first man in space. In 108 minutes he circumnavigated the earth…

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The new KR QUANTEC: our champion goes digital

Powerful as a soccer player, as precise as a fencer and as fast…

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HRC is not equal to HRC

In human-robot collaboration (HRC), humans and robots work directly together without a safety fence. This opens up enormous potential….

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“Robot and Us” – The European Robotics Forum 2018 in Tampere

Hundreds of scientists, companies and political representatives met at Europe’s largest robotics networking event, the European Robotics Forum. Right…

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Human-robot collaboration – the future of robotics

People are divided on what the future will look like with robots in the public domain. While some see…

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