KUKA Blog Rules

The KUKA Blog of the KUKA AG is a platform for information exchange and discussion. It is particularly important to us that dialog is friendly, factual and fair.

The editorial team therefore reserves the right to delete comments and blog links without prior consultation with the authors, if they contain any defamatory, offensive, unethical, pornographic or criminal content, material that is harmful to young people or other unacceptable content. The use of our blog for commercial and/or promotional purposes is also prohibited. Appropriate references and any links are removed from the comments without prior consultation with the author before publication.

Each user is responsible for his or her comments. For your own protection, we would like to point out that no personal data or trusted content will be posted. Furthermore, we refer to our data protection policy.

Please necessarily identify third-party intellectual property and respect copyright. Comments should relate to the content of a post or discussion. Constant repetition or off-topic content should be avoided. Blog posts from KUKA AG may not be used in a different context without prior approval. Please observe netiquette and be courteous.

In case of serious or repeated violations of these blog rules, we reserve the right to block users and to take legal action against them.

The user grants KUKA AG the unlimited right to use and publish the content, time and location of the written post / comment. This granting of rights applies to all types of use known today and in the future.

Guest authors may post on the KUKA Blog. The remarks made do not necessarily have to correspond to the official position of KUKA AG.

KUKA AG is not responsible for the content of external sites accessible via links on the pages or in comments.

Texts, pictures, videos and other contents of the blog are subject to copyright and other laws regarding the protection of intellectual property.

Blog contributions by KUKA AG may not be copied, distributed, altered or processed in any other, especially context-related, form, in particular for commercial purposes.

This does not apply if contributions are expressly marked otherwise or if KUKA AG has given express consent for use. Incidentally, the provisions of the Impressum https://www.blog.kuka.com/impressum/?lang=en shall apply.