Rotanza giant dancing robot at SXSW 2018

Robots can now “learn” by hand, voice or even animation software

One of the most frequent questions we get on KUKA’s

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KUKA Robot Assembly

It’s a robot: How a robot is made

Robots carry heavy loads around. They join, weld and assemble parts. That is how smartphones, cars and aircraft are…

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Robots conquer amusement parks

Roller coasters on a cruise ship? The KUKA passenger robot makes it possible! As the only manufacturer of industrial…

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KUKA College

The Licence to Program

By Jasmin Wagner Taking driving lessons and passing an exam – this is necessary to get a driving license. There…

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Foundry 4.0: New Megatrends and Industry 4.0 in the Foundry Industry

Which trends dominate the foundry industry? What challenges and opportunities arise in the area of production due to the…

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Local data processing in the Edge

In the years to come, the amount of data will literally explode. This applies both to data traffic per…

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Apple, apricot or pear – the KUKA “Robutt” in test use at Ford

Whether the shape of an apple, an apricot or a pear – with the human bottom the variety is…

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The new KR QUANTEC: our champion goes digital

Powerful as a table tennis player, as precise as a fencer and as…

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Human-Robot-Collaboration: More than just a technical solution

Human-robot collaboration (HRC) is also known outside research and industry. The number of applications in which humans…

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HRC is not equal to HRC

In human-robot collaboration (HRC), humans and robots work directly together without a safety fence. This opens up enormous potential….

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