HRC is not equal to HRC

In human-robot collaboration (HRC), humans and robots work directly together without a safety fence. This opens up enormous potential….

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Recognize, Grab, Pick: Use of Robots in Warehouses

Some are stuck in a rectangular box, others lie loose in a bag: the variety of products in small…

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All components compactly packaged – optimal use of space.

The key combination

Sabine Neubauer Sector-specific, industry-proven and ready for immediate use: that’s what our ready2_use packages stand for. The preconfigured packages…

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The LBR iisy can be controlled easily via the tablet.

“I am the new one”

Robot density worldwide is increasing from year to year. Humans and robots are working together in ever closer cooperation….

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Collaborative robotics as a signpost in health care sector

Robots are increasingly present in the medical arena, and at this point are clearly here to stay. For more…

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KUKA HRC Guide – Is my application ready for HRC?

Is it possible to integrate a robot into our application that assists our employees in their work and thus…

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The interface between worlds

At first glance, it is merely a small, gray box in a factory hall. Beneath it is a long…

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KUKA and the Oktoberfest – typically Bavarian

The smell of roasted almonds, the Ferris wheel and a mug with a liter of beer is immediately in…

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Mensch-Roboter-Kollaboration in der KUKA Schwingenmontage.

“As soon as they have to start thinking about safety fencing, most of them opt out”

When it comes to automation, one of the goals in industry is to get rid of safety fencing. It…

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“You can’t buy innovation”

“Valley of the future”, home of the “gifted, innovators and prophets” or “hothouse of innovation”. These characterizations of Silicon…

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