Teresa Fischer

“The fear of contact is much less”: A special robot for school and training

Just learn how to use a robot? With the “Education Robot System” from OrangeApps GmbH, it works. The…

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The biggest IoT stumbling blocks

51 percent of companies in the DACH region have already implemented their own IoT projects. At the same time,…

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Automation Anxiety? We’ve Been Here Before.

Technology advancement follows a common pattern that has been documented in the Gartner Hype Cycle. Read the full…

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The Dos and Don’ts of IoT Software Development

The IoT connection of machines, sensors and actuators offers innumerable possibilities, for example in industry. However, software on IoT…

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Car at the e-charging station

Electrically charged instead of gasoline in your blood?

How will the cars of tomorrow be powered? Dr. Joachim Döhner is an expert in new energy technologies and…

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Online shop instead of checkout queue: Automation in digital grocery

Vegetables, bread and more from the comfort of your own home: More and more people are taking advantage of…

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When robots learn to see

So easy and yet so difficult: Image processing systems endow machines with the ability to see. But it needs…

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Intelligente Vernetzung durch 5G

Internet of Things is gaining in maturity

The Internet of Things is on the upswing. More projects, a higher success rate and faster added value –…

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KUKA Smart Production

Smartening up Production

Production of as many different products as possible in a single system with the shortest possible conversion times –…

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Agile ABC: The most important terms around Agility

“Agile” is currently THE buzzword, but not many companies know much about this and related terms such as Kanban…

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