Sandra Neumeier

Emission-free mobility: Does the future belong to the fuel cell?

Electromobility is an important component of the energy transition worldwide, and electric vehicles are the key to climate-friendly mobility….

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Battery vs. fuel cell – which type of drive will win the race?

Alternative drive technologies herald a new era of the automotive future. Battery-powered electric vehicles are currently the…

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HRC – hype or success model for the automotive industry?

There is great hope in the future of Human-Robot Collaboration (HRC) to bring the strengths of humans…

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Formula E – The new era of motorsport

Behind the development of the first all-electric Formula E racing series is the desire for sustainable mobility. It serves…

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KUKA_Mobility of the future_E-Mobility

What does the mobility of the future look like to you?

A question to which one gets the most varied answers. From the down-to-earth desire for more eco-mobility to the…

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Matrix production: the visionary’s point of view

The future lies in the individuality and flexibility of production processes. Fixed production lines must be broken through. Thoughts…

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