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All components compactly packaged – optimal use of space.

The key combination

Sabine Neubauer Sector-specific, industry-proven and ready for immediate use: that’s what our ready2_use packages stand for. The preconfigured packages…

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Joint project “Battery Performance Center”: Standardization of manufacturing processes in the field of battery production

Petra Reus Emissions must be reduced in order to meet global energy and climate targets. Electromobility is an important component….

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Joint degree studies 4.0

Lara Strukelj The KUKA composite students have developed a game in which a human being can compete against a robot….

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The human being – a clever design

Lara Strukelj “The intelligent robots are coming,” “Man thinks – the robot controls,” or “AI will change our lives?” -…

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Together it’s running

Petra Reus Just under 800 KUKAns start at runs in Augsburg and Obernburg. Fun and sore muscles guaranteed. Conclusion: Running…

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With a Lego Robot to Success

Petra Reus How do I exchange a defective robot cable with a Lego robot? How do I repair a water…

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