Gavin Hudson

Robot woodworking assistant

Robot carpenters: What can robots do in woodworking and construction?

Robot woodworking assistants give all businesses the powerful tools of large companies in carpentry, furniture, construction and…

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Additive manufacturing in architecture: robotic 3D-printed buildings

Stable, light and above all large: Industrial robots are 3D-printing architectural structures. It’s a production process like other manufacturing,…

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Refurbished KUKA robot

Used or rental robots lower barrier to automation

Robotic automation isn’t just for huge manufacturers any more. Small and medium-sized companies can get a robot in their…

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Rotanza giant dancing robot at SXSW 2018

Robots can now “learn” by hand, voice or even animation software

One of the most frequent questions we get on KUKA’s

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Robots play keyboards at SXSW

These robots are more than a rock band – here’s why

If you were at the conference South by Southwest (SXSW) this year, you might have seen something like…

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Robots can already pour beer for you…

… You just need an engineer who knows how to “ask” them When your mom told you “if you can…

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