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The Truth About Industry 4.0

But in fact we do – among other things – something like…

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The Dos and Don’ts of IoT Software Development

The IoT connection of machines, sensors and actuators offers innumerable possibilities, for example in industry. However, software on IoT…

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OP and diagnostic assistants, mobile robotics platforms – New technologies: the solution for the healthcare sector?

A small robot travels independently through hospitals, bringing patients their medicine. We could be encountering such helpers in hospitals…

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Helpers on the construction site

German construction companies are suffering from a growing shortage of skilled workers. One possible solution: automation. The use of…

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Car at the e-charging station

Electrically charged instead of gasoline in your blood?

How will the cars of tomorrow be powered? Dr. Joachim Döhner is an expert in new energy technologies and…

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Online shop instead of checkout queue: Automation in digital grocery

Vegetables, bread and more from the comfort of your own home: More and more people are taking advantage of…

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1, 2, 3… let’s hack! KUKA’s tech geniuses at Europe’s largest IoT hackathon

From February 17-19, 2020, experts with a keen interest in technology and innovation got into high spirits in Berlin:…

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Smart glasses: The digital world and its unlimited possibilities

Up to now, digital data glasses have mainly been used in logistics, but soon they could become a valuable…

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Tech Geniuses at Europe’s largest IoT Hackathon

The highlight of the year for every tech enthusiast is the “Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 (BCX20) Hackathon” from February 19-20,…

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Process-oriented documentation for Industrie 4.0

Operating instructions, safety instructions, BOMs: documents contain important information and must be available quickly when needed – especially in…

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