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Healthy living – with robot support

Every year in November, the world of medicine meets at the MEDICA trade fair to discuss the healthcare sector…

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Innovative projects and a very special whac-a-mole: IROS 2019

The International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) is one of the most important robotics conferences worldwide. Every year thousands…

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Intelligente Vernetzung durch 5G

„With 5G, intelligent production components will communicate ad-hoc with each other“

The 5G mobile internet standard should be available to the German economy from 2020. Its technical capabilities are revolutionary….

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Processing data at the „edge of the network”: Key technology Edge Computing

More and more data is being produced in the modern industrial environment. This is why one technology is becoming…

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Logistics below the freezing point

Five best practices for cold storage warehouse design and management and how automation can be used properly. Working in cold…

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Additive manufacturing in architecture: robotic 3D-printed buildings

Stable, light and above all large: Industrial robots are 3D-printing architectural structures. It’s a production process like other manufacturing,…

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Karlsson in der Werkstatt

The basement cordwainer

During the day Tomas Karlsson sells automation for warehouse and logistics, in the evening he sits down at his…

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City logistics is changing: Modern concepts for cities

City logistics is in a state of transition: ordered goods are to be delivered within a few hours. Logistics…

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Refurbished KUKA robot

Used or rental robots lower barrier to automation

Robotic automation isn’t just for huge manufacturers any more. Small and medium-sized companies can get a robot in their…

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Virtual Reality Rides – Next Generation Driving Fun

Higher, faster, further – that is the motto of every new roller coaster. In search of the ultimate adrenaline…

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