Experiments with robot support: Automation in the chemistry laboratory

A robot that can perform experiments a thousand times faster? That sounds like a groundbreaking development for research. At the University of Liverpool, chemistry students have done just that. An autonomous KMR iiwa from…

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sustainability report

Smart & Responsible – What is behind it?

An intact environment and responsible use of resources are important prerequisites for long-term economic growth. Sustainability is a topic…

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Building blocks to success

When it comes to automation, many think of mass production, corporations and large budgets. The modularized automation of production…

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What a Digital Twin can do – and what not

“Digital Twin” is one of the top buzzwords around digitization in the IoT and IIoT industries. This technology offers…

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What happens to retail when the lights go out?

Lights-out logistics could safeguard the grocery supply chain against COVID-19 and future threats. Read more about this topic on…

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Industrial Robot Design: “Professional products need a professional appearance”

Mario Selic has been designing KUKA robots for 25 years, giving them their unmistakable appearance. He has already won…

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Bring Robots to Life

Pick up a component and put it down again at another place. Sounds simple. But breathing life into a…

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From Delta to Scara: Overview of industrial robot types

Hundreds of thousands of robots are in operation around the world every day. Their appearance is as varied as…

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“The fear of contact is much less”: A special robot for school and training

Just learn how to use a robot? With the “Education Robot System” from OrangeApps GmbH, it works. The…

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A look behind the scenes: Apprenticeship in the times of Covid-19

And suddenly there was Corona. When the crisis became serious, things had to change. Of course, this also applies…

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SmartProduction Center

Looking for the same language

Have you ever been to a country whose language you do not speak? I suppose so. Then you must…

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