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»A city is brought to life by its inhabitants and their supply infrastructure.«

Already today, more than half of the world’s population lives in urban areas. It is estimated that a further…

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Intelligente Vernetzung durch 5G

Internet of Things is gaining in maturity

The Internet of Things is on the upswing. More projects, a higher success rate and faster added value –…

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New ideas for new cars

Autonomous vehicles and alternative drive systems are among the most important future technologies. In order to gain broad acceptance,…

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What language machines speak

“I am an industrial robot and I have six axes.” One language that machines in production shops use to…

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KUKA Smart Production

Smartening up Production

Production of as many different products as possible in a single system with the shortest possible conversion times –…

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Agile ABC: The most important terms around Agility

“Agile” is currently THE buzzword, but not many companies know much about this and related terms such as Kanban…

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“We are increasingly supporting as consultants”: The KUKA sales goes digital

Trends and technologies of digitalization cause a fundamental change in production. This also has an impact on sales. Which…

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Interact digitally: Simple, accurate and efficient

Online shopping is part of everyday life for many people. So is online banking. But many digital services take…

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Reality instead of science fiction: a special theme week

Are you a science fiction fan? If so, you certainly have pictures in your head of what the future…

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Painless colorectal cancer screening with robotic assistance: Innovation prize for research team

For the first time, the KUKA Innovation Award focused on healthcare and medicine. The winners of the innovation competition…

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