Electronics Industry Growth Drives Robot Innovation

Automation transforms productivity in virtually every form of manufacturing, and electronics is no exception. In this article, you’ll learn what’s most important about automation in this industry and how growth in the electronics industry…

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Is there an ideal size for Micro-Fulfillment?

With 80% annual growth since 2018, it is clear that micro-fulfillment centers are on the rise. They are becoming a powerful…

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Es gilt die IT-Welt mit der OT-Welt zu verbinden

About Hardware, Partnerships und Industry 4.0 „The Digital Supply Chain“- Podcast

Shopfloor meets IT: Every company must currently answer for itself what it means by “digital transformation”. In the context…

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Programming according to the modular principle: “This is an important milestone for our Mission 2030”

For more than 100 years, our mission at KUKA has been to make people’s lives and work easier….

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Crisis managers, customer advisors and COVID-19 heroes

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You and me. Together.

No safety fence separates man and robot. Both work directly together. This type…

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“Robotics training advances further into the education systems”.

They give the starting signal for many a robotics career: Frank Zimmermann and his colleagues design the KUKA…

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