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KUKA_Mobility of the future_E-Mobility

What does the mobility of the future look like to you?

A question to which one gets the most varied answers. From the down-to-earth desire for more eco-mobility to the…

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Across Europe in a €500 car

3750 kilometers over steep Alpine and Pyrenean passes, along breathtaking coastlines, through the dry and dusty plains of northern…

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Joint project “Battery Performance Center”: Standardization of manufacturing processes in the field of battery production

Emissions must be reduced in order to meet global energy and climate targets. Electromobility is an important component. Prices…

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The ring after the click

The world is on a digital shopping spree. Online shopping is more popular than ever, and customers are becoming…

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Matrix production: the visionary’s point of view

The future lies in the individuality and flexibility of production processes. Fixed production lines must be broken through. Thoughts…

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KUKA HRC Guide – Is my application ready for HRC?

Is it possible to integrate a robot into our application that assists our employees in their work and thus…

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Joint degree studies 4.0

Lara Strukelj The KUKA composite students have developed a game in which a human being can compete against a robot….

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E-Mobility: infrastructure development

The topic of e-mobility – “the future of vehicle technology” – is well known to everyone. In order to…

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The evolution continues

Third party logistics providers switch to automation The evolution continues

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The human being – a clever design

Lara Strukelj “The intelligent robots are coming,” “Man thinks – the robot controls,” or “AI will change our lives?” -…

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