Machine Tending Brings Big Automation Benefits to Smaller Shops

By Yarek Niedbala

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Common misconceptions can deter job shops from adding production robotics. Despite all the advantages of automation, owners of small to medium-sized shops often remain convinced that all robots are complicated, expensive and difficult to integrate. Here, in particular, there are great opportunities. In Québec, Canada, KUKA systems partner Waybo develops and builds prefabricated robotic cells that workshops can put into operation quickly and cost-effectively.  

Automation solutions that are easy to install. That can be easily moved from one machine tool to another and quickly set up for new batches of product. Many small and mid-sized shops have the same needs. Prefabricated robotic cells, like those from Waybo, can help.

Flexible and compact robotic cells increase productivity

With robotic cells and palletized productivity, Waybo continues to help job shops across Canada up their game with more shifts, higher output and increased versatility. Because of their modular design and their use of popular KUKA robot models, these cells can be delivered in as little as four weeks’ time and be up and running in a couple of days. After an integrator completes the initial installation and basic training and the shop gains experience with the system, shop personnel become autonomous and independent.

They can modify and relocate a cell easily to another machine tool. Risk analysis ensures that the new implementation remains safe.

The cells can run unattended for more than eight hours, enabling shops to add second and third shifts with minimal supervision. The two models currently available – PartNR and CyberDrawers – can load and unload CNC machine tools and tackle additional chores, including marking, inspection and cleaning. This type of automation smooths out production schedules with additional output so shops can improve job completion, delivery and customer relationships.

Roboterzelle von Waybo mit KUKA Roboter
Due to their modular design, the prefabricated robot cells are easy to install and can be easily moved from one machine tool to another.

The robotic cells thus lead to more shifts, greater versatility and ultimately higher productivity.


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Compact, prefabricated robotic cells quickly increase productivity, especially in small and medium-sized operations.

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