The True Value of Robots Hinges on Total Cost of Ownership

By Kaile Hodgens
Automation brings a nearly endless list of benefits. By investing in an automation solution involving robots, organizations can close the skilled labor gap, trim costs and drive new efficiencies. At the same time, the decision to automate with robots should not be made hastily, nor should it be based solely on acquisition costs. Instead, you should keep the total cost of ownership of such an investment in mind.

Assessing the True Total Cost of Ownership for a Robotic Automation Solution

The calculation of total life-cycle cost of a piece of equipment, such as a robot, is an effective approach that that can help you make the best decision for your operation:

  • Consider the capabilities in terms of throughput, payload or reach
    Robots that fail to deliver the needed productivity will cost your company more in the long run, either because you’ll need further solutions or because more upkeep or maintenance is required.
  • Keep an eye on the costs of operating energy and fuel consumption as well as ongoing consumables
  • Consider costs for maintenance and repair
    A reduced maintenance requirement eliminates significant repair costs and production losses due to extended robot downtime. Spare parts availability also plays a role.
  • Consider the longevity of your investment
    Longevity is often overlooked in automation. Warranty protection can also be a decisive factor here.
  • Take advantage of the training offers and application support
    This will help you unleash the full potential of your plant.
  • Calculate costs for decommissioning and disposal
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Keeping an eye on robot operating costs with KUKA

Sustainability plays a major role at KUKA – also when it comes to operating costs. With the KR Quantec, for example, fewer spare parts than its predecessor, lower energy consumption, less training and simplified commissioning result in sustainably reduced operating costs. In addition, there is an innovative service and maintenance concept for optimum lifecycle efficiency.

To learn more about KUKA’s commitment to offering an automation solution ready to elevate and scale with your organization’s need, visit the KUKA website and contact us directly.

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