“KUKA is among the TOP TEN of the 5,000 Bavarian-Swabian training companies”

What makes apprenticeship at KUKA special? How is it perceived from the outside and what will change in the future? Wolfgang Haschner, Head of Vocational Training at the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, told us exclusively in an interview.

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to apprenticeship at KUKA?

Vocational training has a high priority in Swabia. KUKA is among the TOP TEN of the 5,000 Bavarian-Swabian training companies. Here, young people find the best conditions for a positive start to their careers and thus for professional success.

Porträt Wolfgang Haschner
Wolfgang Haschner, Head of the Vocational Training Division at the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce

How does the Chamber of Industry and Commerce cooperate with KUKA in matters of training?

There are numerous points of contact: basically, the Chamber of Industry and Commerce checks whether the training complies with the Vocational Training Act. In addition, there are extensive opportunities for companies to help shape the work of the Chamber. For example, KUKA is not only involved as a training company, KUKA provides examiners who ensure the quality of vocational training on a voluntary basis with their expertise and commitment, and is also involved in the vocational training committee of the Swabian Chamber of Industry and Commerce. We appreciate the open and constructive exchange with our partners at KUKA.

KUKA’s apprentices regularly achieve very good results in their exams and are often among the best in their year. What do you think is special about apprenticeship at KUKA?

In fact, KUKA trainees have repeatedly been able to climb the podium of the best in the country. These top results certainly stand for the high quality of the training. Such results are only possible thanks to an equally outstanding level of commitment and willingness to perform on the part of both the training company and the trainees.

What do young people and companies want from apprenticeship?

There is certainly more than one answer to this question. The requirements vary depending on the training occupation and industry. However, a range of knowledge and skills, basic attitudes and attitudes that are indispensable for work and careers are equally in demand everywhere. For companies, it is important that parents and schools have created a stable foundation on which training can be built without major problems. A good basis for a successful start to working life is therefore solid basic values and personal attitudes, positive social behavior, basic school knowledge and digital skills.

How has the topic of apprenticeship changed in recent years? – And what do you think are the most important topics in the coming period?

Digitization has greatly changed training and apprenticeships in recent years. In addition, the following aspects, among others, pose major challenges:

Filling apprenticeship positions and the demand behavior of young people. In addition, young people’s ideas about occupations – they do not always correspond to reality.

In addition, demographic developments require a look at all target groups and school types, because training should reach young people who find it a little more difficult to get started as well as high-performers. A final trend is that more and more young people are seeking higher education.


Even though the dual vocational training model does not exist in all countries and regions, the training and development of our employees is a major concern for us at KUKA worldwide. After all, they are a company’s greatest asset. Of course, this applies to us internally just as much as it does to our customers. That is why KUKA offers, for example through KUKA College, a variety of training programs worldwide that are individually tailored to your needs and those of your employees.

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