Artificial Intelligence of Things – Why Predictive Maintenance is not enough

For a long time it was considered the number one scenario for AI and IoT applications in industry: predictive maintenance. However, companies that focus exclusively on predictive maintenance leave the enormous potential of AI and IoT largely untapped. The full value contribution of these technologies can only be realized when the entire production process is optimized on the basis of AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things).

For this innovative approach, the Munich-based IoT expert Device Insight and the Swedish AI specialist Sentian are pooling their expertise. The collaboration combines the two currently most important fields of technology, AI and IoT, into an “Artificial Intelligence of Things” and takes the intelligent automation of industrial manufacturing processes to a new level. It enables companies to increase the efficiency of their production by up to 30 percent.

Read the complete article on the blog of our IoT specialist Device Insight.

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