Smart & Responsible – What is behind it?

An intact environment and responsible use of resources are important prerequisites for long-term economic growth. Sustainability is a topic that must be lived and implemented equally by all.

Today, sustainable management is more than just a buzzword. The challenges facing the world are becoming increasingly complex. Climate change, finite resources, cultural and social shifts, epidemics and uncertainties – these are all developments that require us to take responsibility.

KUKA – like more and more companies around the world – is one of those who, as part of the community, want to make a contribution to solving pressing challenges. “For us, sustainability means responsible corporate action towards the environment, employees, customers, investors and the social environment,” explains Kerstin Heinrich, Head of Investor Relations and Corporate Responsibility. “We are in regular contact with our stakeholders. They demand greater transparency, which we meet with our annual sustainability report. Our goal is to secure KUKA’s long-term success and generate sustainable growth”.

Safe and efficient

Sustainable working means less energy is consumed and companies can operate even more efficiently. KUKA products and solutions stand for innovation and quality. At the same time, they are geared towards efficiency and equipped with high safety standards. From its own experience, KUKA knows that energy consumption plays a major role and is a significant cost factor in production, which must be reduced. In addition to functionality and acquisition costs, the operating costs of a robot or system are therefore an increasingly important decision criterion for customers, especially in countries and regions with high energy prices.

Acting ecologically

Important prerequisites for long-term economic growth are an intact environment and responsible use of natural resources. Climate change, polluted air, scarce resources, increasing waste problems as well as polluted soil and water speak for themselves. As an industrial company, KUKA wants to make a measurable contribution to reducing environmental pollution. To achieve this, we start within our own company: We reduce our consumption of energy and other resources and cut down on waste.

As part of the new location concept, KUKA invested in 2019 in the expansion of the district heating network, for example. A new district heating pipeline was put into operation by the Augsburg municipal utility company. Around 44,000 kWh of heat can be transported via the new district heating pipeline alone – this corresponds to a climate-neutral heat output for 4,400 single-family homes. By opting for district heating, KUKA has set the course for an energy-efficient, environmentally friendly and future-proof energy supply at its Augsburg site.

KUKA Anlage

Responsible employer

As an employer in an industry of the future, KUKA has its finger on the pulse. As a company in a state of continuous change, corporate values, quality-driven training and further education and a commitment to diversity, health and safety at work are key constants.

KUKA is shaping the working world of the future, and KUKA technologies and products are shaping many industries. KUKA itself also drives digital processes forward and prepares employees accordingly through initial and further training. After all, success is based on highly productive and motivated employees. They are the key to responding to changes at customers and opening up new markets for robot-based automation.

Social Engagement        

KUKA is also engaged as a future-oriented company with a sense of responsibility for society. The company supports community and charitable causes around its locations. Orange Care e. V., which was founded by KUKA employees in Augsburg, is primarily committed to helping young people and families. Since 2014, the charitable organization has also sponsored a day nursery in Augsburg, making it easier for our employees to combine work and family life. Orange Care supports projects with a local connection or projects that our employees are committed to.

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