1, 2, 3… let’s hack! KUKA’s tech geniuses at Europe’s largest IoT hackathon

From February 17-19, 2020, experts with a keen interest in technology and innovation got into high spirits in Berlin: the “Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 (BCX20) Hackathon” brought together teams from all over the world who coded, hacked and fiddled with each other in a race. Among the participants: eight highly motivated, clever minds from KUKA.

The BCX Hackathon has become an integral part of the world of technology. 145 teams fiddled for 30 hours, coding until the keyboard glowed. The KUKA team was delighted with its hack tracks “Mobility” and “Smart Home & Building”. They immediately started developing ideas, building prototypes and setting up pitches.

Off we go: One of the KUKA teams at the BCX hackathon

With “Clean Rooms” in the fight against viruses

In two teams of four, KUKA’s tech geeks have developed their ideas: “Parchegg.IO” (from parcheggio – Italian for car park), an intelligent parking system for large cities and “Clean Rooms”, a sensor-based hygiene monitoring system. The latter idea made it to the pre-finals.

The solution is to use leap-motion sensors to analyze the movements during hand washing, evaluate the thoroughness and communicate the result to the user. The aim of the “Clean Rooms” crew was to develop a prevention solution in the field of public hygiene. The team only narrowly lost out to strong competition.

And the winner is…

The overall winner team of the hackathon presented an innovative solution for finding potholes in the area of “Mobility”. To detect these, sensors are attached to garbage trucks.

We say: Chapeau to our KUKA Tech-Heroes and all participants in the Hackathon for their perseverance and the great ideas that have been generated.


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