Smart glasses: The digital world and its unlimited possibilities

Up to now, digital data glasses have mainly been used in logistics, but soon they could become a valuable companion in industrial production. We have looked at the areas of application and what benefits can be derived from the new technology. 

Data glasses or smart glasses have little in common with conventional glasses. They are wearable little computer, their functionality is comparable to a smartphone: They are equipped with a display, a camera and microphones and are controlled by voice.

On the spot in a few seconds

With the help of digital data glasses, work processes can be made more efficient in the future and technical requirements can be transmitted more easily. An example: via direct transmission from the service technician to the customer’s production, errors can be corrected more quickly. The data glasses are already being used successfully for status reports on customer plants under construction. The customer thus receives an instant update on the status of his order in just a few seconds.

We have taken a closer look at the data glasses of Ubimax

In the event of diagnostic or support queries, technicians, constructors or programmers can use the data glasses to show directly on the system where the fault has occurred. Travel routes and time-consuming video recordings are no longer necessary, which makes project management much easier.

Easy handling and top technical performance

An advantage: the digital data goggles enable hands-free communication and can even be attached to a safety helmet. A call via a web application connects the goggles to the computer, transferring the image with the integrated camera to the desktop in real time.

Similar to a video conference, several people can participate at the same time. In order to display details better, the web application has various functions. Videos and photos can be recorded via the menu. It is also possible to go into detail by inserting text and handwriting.

Smart data glasses: Pioneering technology

At KUKA and its customers, the users of data glasses already agree on the added value they provide. “We use the smart glasses for communication in the automation of production systems and are delighted”, says a KUKA expert. KUKA is therefore incorporating the smart data glasses in more and more projects in order to provide the customer with the fastest and best possible service support.

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