Tech Geniuses at Europe’s largest IoT Hackathon

The highlight of the year for every tech enthusiast is the “Bosch ConnectedWorld 2020 (BCX20) Hackathon” from February 19-20, 2020, when experts, entrepreneurs, and people interested in technology from all over the world travel to Berlin to demonstrate their skills.

During the 30-hour challenge, teams from over 45 countries will have to prove their stamina, creativity and skills. However, the 145 teams have to be patient in advance, as they will only learn about the specific tasks on site. These tasks come from various sectors, such as mobility, manufacturing, smart home, tech for climate, insurance and more.

Bosch and its system partners are providing more than 135 digital devices that developers and experts can use to test their skills and develop new solutions. This involves the presentation of new concepts, the solution of given problems and intelligent data work.

Internet of Things and digital transformation in focus

KUKA is also taking part in Europe’s largest Internet of Things (IoT) tech camp. In addition to its skills in high-level language development, the eight-strong team from the System Development department scores points with a wealth of knowledge in the field of intelligent software solutions.

They develop state-of-the-art IoT solutions, such as the intelligent control system for driverless transport systems in production plants. The experience gained in day-to-day work in the field of intelligent systems and robots at KUKA, combined with enthusiasm and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) know-how, could be the key to success.

Who will win?

Teams of experts will evaluate the solutions presented and select the winners. In addition to the opportunity to win, the focus will be on networking, knowledge exchange and the fun of developing intelligent software solutions. One thing is certain: the team will return to KUKA headquarters in Augsburg with a wealth of experience and new ideas.

Update: Find out here how the KUKA Team ran the Hackathon.


Source Picture: iStock/Rassco

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