Used or rental robots lower barrier to automation

Robotic automation isn’t just for huge manufacturers any more. Small and medium-sized companies can get a robot in their shop floors without the up-front cost of purchasing a new industrial robot. Robots can help in many ways: arc welding, foundry, palletizing, loading and unloading, assembly, inserting and mounting, etc. The key to affordability is accessing used and rental industrial robots.

Now, there’s a safe way to buy or rent used robots… and then there’s the rest of the internet. If you’d like to test drive robotic automation for your business, you have to know where to get your used robot or you may end up with less than you bargained for.

Please find the selection of quickly available and fully refurbished machines from KUKA.

If you already know you want to rent or buy a used robot, we’ll save you the trouble of scrolling any further. Simply write to us and we’ll be happy to advise you of the best automation solution for your business.

Benefits of renting and buying used robots

If you’re still undecided, then consider the following benefits of renting or buying a used KUKA industrial robot.

  1. Of course, it’s less expensive. Customers can save 15-60% by buying a used robot.
  2. You can use rental robots only as long as you need them (3 months minimum).
  3. You may decide to keep rental robots. The rental payments are proportionately deducted from the purchase price.
  4. Reduce your environmental footprint by re-using a robot that’s been carefully refurbished by its original manufacturer.
  5. You can request many robot types from us at a monthly rental rate.
  6. No repair costs: In the event of damage you did not cause, you benefit from the “all inclusive” rental deal under KUKA’s comprehensive guarantee.
  7. You will always have access to the latest technology by renting.
  8. If you buy a used robot, you’ll get a robot with short delivery time, usually just a matter of weeks.
  9. You can get to know the robot by renting it, then decide later if you’d like to buy it or return it.
  10. Lastly, you receive a warranty for every part on all KUKA used robots.

If you already know what used robot you’d like to rent or buy, then take a look at the selection. We update the list of available robots weekly in a PDF you can download from our used robots webpage. If you’re still not sure, write to us and ask for a professional recommendation.

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