A look behind the scenes – KUKA iimotion_days 2019

What do professional athletes, inspiring lectures on visions of the future and KUKA applications running at full speed have in common? They were all part of KUKA iimotion_days 2019.

On 10 and 11 July 2019, we granted a look behind the scenes at the KUKA Augsburg site. We welcomed some 400 partners and customers from around the world to KUKA iimotion_days. The whole event was devoted to the topic of “The Future” and our visitors were able to form their own impressions of our automation solutions and latest innovations – and do so up close at the very “heart of KUKA”. This was one of the reasons why KUKA CEO Peter Mohnen opened iimotion_days 2019 with tongue firmly placed in cheek as he declared “Augsburg is the better Hanover”.

Willingness to innovate is the path to more growth

Eva Weber, Deputy Mayor of Augsburg, world-class table tennis player and brand ambassador Timo Boll as well as Rainer Bischoff, Head of KUKA Corporate Research, discussed innovation and top performance. Beyond this, futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky captivated the audience with his dynamic keynote address on life and work in the year 2030. All the speeches had one thing in common: they made visitors look forward to the future with great anticipation. A future which KUKA is helping turn into reality by supplying the appropriate technologies.

Over two days, guests were able to experience this future in lectures, on tours through production halls, in roundtable discussions on specific topics, in the Partner Zone and in personal conversations. KUKA employees from a wide variety of fields took part and brought enthusiasm as they accompanied the guests through the day. After all, who better to present the latest inventions than the KUKA engineers themselves? This was also well received by the visitors: “I see employees here who passionately present their products and have a great vision for the future,” said one guest, visibly impressed.

Clear the stage for the highlights of the event

The product highlights of the iimotion_days included the new KR QUANTEC generation, the charging assistant for automated charging of electric vehicles, and the ItemPIQ robotic picking solution, which uses an intelligent vision system to pick small parts fully automatically.

  • The best-selling KUKA product series, the KR QUANTEC, has been optimized in terms of performance, cost-effectiveness and flexibility. This reliable all-rounder continues to have the largest payload and reach portfolio in the high payload category and impresses with its broad range of applications and new motion modes for ideal process quality.
  • For KUKA, the charging assistant is an initial innovative step towards automation at home. Controlled by the driver via app or by the vehicle itself, it takes care of the charging process. The charging assistant was developed in the context of a collaborative research project with Volkswagen AG. The highlight: the car itself does not need any complex equipment. Simply bolted to the garage wall, the charging assistant is quickly ready for operation with the appropriate adapters for the vehicle and charging cable. It is thus a pioneer for the intelligent mobility of the future.
  • The ItemPiQ solution is a perfect example of how the expertise of KUKA and Swisslog dovetail. ItemPiQ picks a large variety of articles that are recognized by the intelligent vision system. This is able to determine the grip points on unknown articles, which greatly simplifies the learning process. Thanks to the multi-functional gripper, the robot can pick up a wide diversity of common products from the retail, e-commerce and pharmaceutical industries weighing up to 1.5 kg.

KUKA in three words: “impressive, inspiring, creative”

The guests were particularly impressed by the great variety and broad range of KUKA solutions as well as by an approach which thinks far beyond the robot. “For me, KUKA stands for innovation, for a focus on the future and for connecting robotics technology with the networks of the future.” This perfectly describes KUKA iimotion_days 2019 – two days filled with experiences, inspiration and visions for the future in full keeping with the motto “Everything is possible with robots, especially with KUKA”. Experience the event yourself by watching the aftermovie here.

[vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f7XUezV-ZLQ&feature=youtu.be”]

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