Robots conquer amusement parks

Roller coasters on a cruise ship? The KUKA passenger robot makes it possible! As the only manufacturer of industrial robots worldwide, KUKA produces robots that are used in the entertainment sector.


They whirl passengers through the air or simulate the flight on a magic broom: the KUKA passenger robots. Visitors experience the rides in individual gondolas mounted on the robot arm. Due to their special driving experience, KUKA passenger robots are popular with amusement parks – and even on cruise ships.

Pure thrills with KUKA passenger robots

Like in a roller coaster, the passengers are secured – and off they go. Whether corkscrew or rocket launch, thanks to freely programmable combination options, the robots simulate every conceivable dynamic. “For us as a robot manufacturer, it is important to develop alternative applications in addition to industrial robots. We want to demonstrate the numerous advantages of robots to the general public and make them tangible,” says Mike Beaupre, Business Development Manager Americas & Asia at KUKA.

Robust hardware from KUKAKUKA passenger robot in motion

The KUKA passenger robots are based on the six-axis KUKA robots KR 600 R2830 passenger and KR 700 R2510 passenger. The latter is also available in the version with four axes. This allows the load capacity to be increased to up to 800 kg. The high payloads make it possible to move up to four people per trip.

The implementation of robot-based rides is challenging. “On the one hand, extremely high demands are placed on safety. On the other hand, there is a growing demand to enable ever more individual journeys. In order to live up to expectations, we work together with partners who implement KUKA passenger robots worldwide on a customer-specific basis,” explains Mike Beaupre.

Advantages over classic rides

KUKA passenger robots offer numerous advantages over other rides: With a range of approx. 3 metres, they have a high degree of freedom of movement. This results in the second advantage: the programmability of individual driving programs. Due to the wide range of possible applications, there is great demand for rides based on KUKA passenger robots. Growth potential lies above all in the USA and China.


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