Robots can already pour beer for you…

… You just need an engineer who knows how to “ask” them

When your mom told you “if you can dream it, you can build it” she probably didn’t have beer-pouring robots in mind. But when engineers want something done they do it right. These robots will give you a whole new level of respect for engineers and robots and show what is possible to make everyday life easier. I mean, we all have dreams, right?


Programmed to pour

Some robots were programmed to serve. Some were programmed to pour. A select few were programmed to do both. Give a moment of respect to the engineers behind this creative programming.

1. The LBR iiwa robot is a master of the pour:

2. And if you want to add a touch of flare, beer-drinking robot programmers are one step ahead of you:

At this point, you’re probably wishing you could have a beer-pouring robot with you wherever you go.
There’s one incredible individual who can. Nicole Kelly is one of those uniquely talented people we can all toast to, and she is one of the few people with a bionic arm that can open beer bottles. Let’s also toast to the talented engineers at COAPT who made this possible.


Bars with drink-pouring robots

Not ready to program your own beer-pouring robot right now? No problem. Head to one of the growing number of watering holes where robots to the pouring and drink mixing for you.

Head to Las Vegas for a drink at The Tipsy Robot:
[vc_video link=””]

Build your own pour robot

If all else fails, build your own beer bot. You just need to know how.

1. Maybe ask Simone Giertz.

[vc_video link=”″]
2. The DIY website Instructables gives you a step-by-step guide to building your own beer-pouring robot.
Really, the possibilities for DIY beer robots are endless. If you build one, upload a video of it to KUKA’s Facebook group and let us know more about your project.

Robots making beer

Now that you have your robot, you’ll need something to pour. Of course, you could go with a brewer that takes inspiration from robots, such as Wooden Robot Brewery or Good Robot Brewing Company. Or you could grab a brew from a company that actually uses robots to make beer. Enter Widmer Brothers Brewing.

[vc_video link=””]
Whichever way you choose to enjoy your robots and your beer, let’s all raise a glass to the skill and ingenuity of engineers and programmers: a non-alcoholic beer is the best way.

You like coffee best? Then you’d better take a look at our robot barista right now.

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