What does the mobility of the future look like to you?

A question to which one gets the most varied answers. From the down-to-earth desire for more eco-mobility to the car as a self-driving chauffeur to science fiction ideas of flying cars, everything is represented here.

What does the future really look like?

Many of these visions and ideas sound like “fantasies”, but what one could not have imagined a few years ago becomes reality today. The e-mobility market is growing rapidly and topics such as “autonomous driving” and the associated “intelligent charging technology” are no longer pure science fiction ideas.

Zermatt – The electric vehicle city

Unbelievable but true: In the Swiss health resort of Zermatt on the Matterhorn, motorised transportation is nearly dispensed with, but there is still traffic. The residents of Zermatt, also known as “Mattini”, and their guests have been travelling since 1977 with specially developed electric vehicles.
The Zermatt “unique specimen” with its characteristic box shape is mostly produced in Zermatt itself. The heart of the system is the battery, which is supplied with electricity from the household grid. Today, around 500 electric cars are registered in the town, including around 40 taxis and more than 10 electric buses.

Metropolises such as New York City were enthusiastic about this concept and even considered at the end of the 70s to design their at that time 12,000 strong Yellow Cabs taxi fleet according to the local model. Unfortunately the Zermatt “unique specimen” with a speed limit of 20 km/h was too slow for them.

From fantasy to reality

We’ve come to a point where it’s difficult to create crazy scenarios for the future because many visions are so close. The desire for a more environmentally friendly and relaxed mobility by reducing emissions and improving the transport infrastructure is already being driven by the technical development of autonomous vehicles, sharing fleets, multimodality concepts, etc.

We are already on our way to the electromobile city, which will bring us even more significant changes in the coming decades. Perhaps your vision of the mobility of the future will become reality.

What does the future of mobility look like for you? Discuss with us and leave a comment.

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