Beyond factory halls: Creative robotics in Linz

Creative work instead of monotonous factory tasks: in Linz, Austria, the Ars Electronica Center is showing another side of industrial robotics.    

Robots are the heavy industry workers. Behind the fences of factory buildings, they weld, palletize and screw and relieve people of strenuous, dirty and monotonous tasks. Arts and Culture? This is an area that is actually reserved for humans.

But robots are increasingly entering our everyday lives. And so, creative heads from architecture, art and design also use the machine assistants to implement new concepts, as an exhibition series in Linz, Austria shows.

As a “museum of the future”, the Ars Electroncia Center looks at the development of art, society and new technologies – as well as robotics. In the exhibition series “Creative Robotics” industrial robots are used in unusual areas. They shape, model and create innovative concepts and new forms of presentation – beyond the large factory halls:

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Information, interviews and pictures about the exhibition series “Creative Robotics” can be found on the blog of the Ars Electronica Center.


Source: Ars Electronica

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