Imagine you change the world

Flying cars, self-lacing shoes and floating lamps. This is how the director of the film “Back to the Future” imagined the year 2015. The air car may not be one of them, but many other science fiction ideas are reality today, such as drones or fingerprint scanners. It’s worth developing ideas for the future, because every innovation starts with a vision. And how do you imagine the future?

Imagine. Creating the future.

This is the claim of the new KUKA Employer Branding campaign. Robot-based automation and digitization are changing our lives. And KUKA is working on these future topics. Visions always need ambitious people to develop them. The new campaign is intended to help attract clever minds. After all, they are sought after in a wide variety of areas.

At KUKA, many first think of the classic industrial robot. But there are many other areas and ways of helping shape the future of robotics and automation. Personalities with new ideas and open minds make the difference here. In the end, everything depends on what each one makes of his or her possibilities.
Brand ambassadors Timo Boll and Daniel Abt are part of the campaign 

Just like KUKA brand ambassadors Timo Boll and Daniel Abt, who, along with KUKA employees, are part of the Imagine campaign. “You can achieve incredible things if you only believe in yourself,” says Timo Boll. “That’s why the campaign fits so well.” Table tennis player Boll and Formula E racing driver Abt thus perfectly embody the idea behind the “Imagine” campaign alongside KUKA employees. Because they have shown how great ambitions can become reality with passion and professionalism.

Would you also like to come “back to the future” with us and realize your visions? Then take a look at the job offers at KUKA.

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