Tradition meets Innovation: Development and Technology Center in Augsburg

“Economic progress is currently being impacted by three major trends: globalization, automation, digitization – and KUKA is right in the middle of it,” was how EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger put it succintly when he was invited to the inauguration ceremony at KUKA last summer.
KUKA stands for Industrie 4.0 made in Ger­many. Deeply rooted at its home base in Augs­burg where the success story of KUKA began almost 120 years ago. The new construction of the prestigious Development and Technology Center (DTC) is a landmark for KUKA’s progres­sion. It represents the rapid growth of the com­pany and also marks the starting point of the digital transformation. KUKA is quickly evolving into a global group, while also investing in its headquarters in Augsburg, where the employees are working on the digital transfor­mation of production. “The construction of the DTC is a clear investment in the future. Our tra­ditional location in Augsburg is the basis for our global success,” emphasizes Dr. Till Reuter, CEO of KUKA AG. The modern building reflects the fusion of tradition and innovation. “This is where our employees combine mechanical engineering with the world of IT,” says Reuter.
Innovative strength is what makes technol­ogy corporations successful and future-proof. The investment in the DTC is also an invest­ment in R & D. It is the heart of KUKA, which is firmly rooted in Augsburg. With floor space of 39,000 square meters, the facility accommo­dates around 850 workplaces, more than half of them in R & D. The research and development activities are pooled at the DTC in order to cre­ate further innovations and products of tomor­row. Besides Günther Oettinger, other guests from business and politics were also invited to the inauguration of the new building. The cere­mony was wholly dedicated to KUKA’s technol­ogies, products and solutions for Industrie 4.0 and, by association, the digitization of produc­tion. Bavaria’s minister of economic affairs Ilse Aigner acknowledged the building as “a clear commitment to the Augsburg site and Bavaria as the company base.”
After the scheduled construction period of two years, the first employees were able to move into the building as planned at the end of 2015. The open-concept building provides a suitable setting for the creativity, innovative thinking and interdisciplinary cooperation needed to shape Industrie 4.0. Furthermore, the DTC houses an impressive showroom and KUKA College, where up to 7,000 customer employ­ees are to undergo training each year.
KUKA keeps on investing in its home location Augsburg. In the coming years, the automation specialist will invest more than 100 million euro in the expansion and modernization of its headquarters in the east of Augsburg.
The construction project includes a new parking garage with 1,000 spaces, a new, two-level production hall as well as a new training center and an office tower. The new buildings are to be completed successively by 2025 and will provide room for a total of 1,600 workstations. This will not only create opportunities for new jobs and a modern working environment, but also compensate for the current shortage of space. Beyond this, the planned KUKA Campus is intended to encourage start-ups and partnerships with other companies and the Augsburg Innovation Park. The training and production areas as well as further office spaces will be incorporated into a structure that is modern and can be expanded on a modular basis.


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